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Yessing Brothers were born in Yunlin County, but done business in Taichung-Qingshuei and raise in life by their own efforts. Because of the growth of business, our company name changes into Yessing Machinery Co., Ltd. And has over than 50 years experiences in industrial machinery.In the beginning, our majors were Traditional Laminating Machine, Slitting Machine, Rewinding Machine and so on. At our stable management, in order to overcome any challenges and changes, the first generation is back to the scenes gradually. Instead, the second start to manage Yessing with pragmatism and innovation, lastingly pass down a legacy of experience for the future.In order to enlarge our business step by step, we do with the trend of Industrial Technology and connect with internationalization. We also devote to environment protection. We use with our valuable techniques in textile fabrics/ clothes/ shoes/ caps/ Green Building Materials, we also research and develop ECO Laminating Machine. In the decades, we combine with a councilor of Russia-ALX’s business. We recycle abandoned tires and make into mats. This can be applied on Runway/ GYM/ amusement facility/ Bull and so on.

Depending on clients request to make suitable machine. we only insist making machines of the best quality.


For many years, Yessing has exported machinery to other countries such as Brazil, Iran, Russia, Mexico, Cambodia, Denmark, China, and Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam...etc). It is easy to get into the operation and make the machine run steadily. Therefore, it not only reduces the time of operator adaption and machinery repairing, but also raises the production capacity so as to raise our economic benefits.

Yessing has researched and developed machinery with 50 years experiences. In order to satisfy meet our customers’ demands, we manufacture the appropriate equipment for them.


Made In Taiwan

All Kinds of Laminating : Flame Coating / ECO-Protection Products / Technical Heat Conduction Coating / Light Reflection / Fluorescent Coating / Protection Film/

Aluminum Foil Coating / Architecture-flameproof steel board / acrylic board / pearl board Coating Laminating /  Various Kinds of Coating and Laminate Machine / Rewinding Machine / Cutting Machine / Slitting Machine / Rubber Mats Molding Machine / Transfer Printing Machine