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Yessing innovates Automatic Material Rewinding and Unwinding System


       For future trend of laminating industry, Yessing innovates, researches, and develops “Non-human controlling Automatic Material Rewinding and Unwinding System”. In addition to saving human costs and increasing coating accuracy, it can also achieve production without humans.


       General manager of Yessing Machinery, Yeh Chin Fa, says, “Machinery automation equals to saving humans and costs. Relatively, it will also decrease rates of mistakes. This is the most urgent problem which now laminating industry needs to improve.” For past working way of lamination, it will spend more time and efforts for operators to adjust the tension of material unwinding due to different elastic tensions of each clothes.


       For Non-human controlling Automatic Material Rewinding and Unwinding System, Yessing adopts PLC Humaniz Machine Interface. Besides, the computer can memorize 200 sets of tension model applied to hundreds of different softs and hard elastic clothes. In this way, it could save more adjusting time before production. And for gluing and coating, Yessing adopts servo motor to controlling the gap and accurate gluing amounts. With few gluing amounts, hundred kinds of coating rollers, and customerized working width, Yessing's laminating machines could manufacture the most excellent products.  


      “Laminating processing emphasizes on glues. In the past, super glue or white glue was almost used in traditional laminating industry. Because of containing Formalin or Toluene, they are dangerous to human body and polluted to environment. However, the products laminated by Yessing (PUR-A) Polyurethane Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating Machine could achieve Toluene-free regulations of international environmental protection. PUR-A is currently the most advanced laminating equipment for TPU Thin Film laminating Technology in Taiwan. Furthermore, its quality and function have been the same as imported machines from foreign countries, but its price is much lower than them. In this way, Taiwan products can seize the initiative opportunities in global environment protection market. Now PUR-A laminating machine has been adopted by several laminating industries in Taiwan.” General Manger, Mr. Yeh, says.


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