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PUR-500 Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating Machine has very wide applications!



Yessing PUR-500 Hot Melt Adhesive Laminating Machine has very wide applications!  


We can make machine working width according to customers’ requirements.



In 2014 Taipei Rubber & Plastic Industry Show, Yessing Machinery Co., Ltd., at the first time displaying PUR-500 Eco-green small-sized Polyurethane Reactive Hot Melt adhesive Laminating Machine and OB-17 Eco-green Rubber Mats Molding Machines, gets many good comments and reactions from show visitors.


PUR-500 Laminating Machine, which working width is 500 mm, is suitable for making products of small width or small amounts of experimented samples and can be also used for solvent-free lamination of fabrics and various kinds of thin films like PTFE, PU, and TPU or roll to roll lamination. In addition, Yessing can make its working width according to customers’ requirements.


The gluing width can be accurately controlled to save gluing amounts. Except for Automatic Tension Control Device, the rewinding system, equipped with PLC system, can memorize 200 sets parameters. The newest technique, Wi-Fi wireless control, is developed by Yessing to use with the laminating machine. The operator can remotely control machine and monitor parameters by Ipad.


Furthermore, the working width of OB-17 Eco-green Rubber Mats Molding Machine is 1230mm. The thickness of rubber mats made by this machine is from 5 mm to 60 mm.


After being mixed at high speed and pressed heatedly with crumbled rubber granules, glue, and pigment, the machine produces rubber mats and spares the second life circle to abandoned tires. It can reduce environmental pollution.


The final products, rubber mats, is suitable for either paving outside or inside because of superior permeability and shock resistance. Furthermore, final products can be rewound or piled up after cutting.

                   OB-17 Eco-green Rubber Mats Molding Machine, manufactured by Yessing Machinery Co., Ltd., adopts abandoned tires as recycling materials. (Photo/provided by Yessing)